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About us
Valstatex Company was established in 2006 by team of experts in management consulting, information technologies and industrial automation. We have completed projects for over 100 Uzbek customers. Our partners are international consultancy companies and technology leaders.
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Why us?
Our experts are ready to share the expertise, based on deep knowledge of local market many years of experience in international projects.
Over 14 years of experience
Our experience speaks for us. For 14 years we have been cooperating with large state-owned companies and with international corporations.
Over 100 customers
Our Individual approach to each customer, considering unique aspects of each business.
Our experts constantly improve their qualifications and skills, confirming it with scientific degrees and international certifications.
We serve our customers in the following industries
Finance and Banking
Oil and Gas
Public Sector
we are offering
Procurement and Purchasing consulting (National and International), Feasibility Study Services, Pricing Consulting, Technical Assistance in International Project, Conduction of Trainings.
Digital Solutions
System Integration, Information Security, Datacenters, Business Applications and Industrial Automation, Software Engineering.
Cloud and IT Infrastructure Management and Outsourcing
Technical Support of IT equipment and Software, Maintenance of ICT and engineering systems, IT-infrastructure and services outsourcing.
Our Partners
Close work with the largest International Donor Organizations and Technology Leaders guarantees the great expertise and cutting edge Digital Technolgies to our Customers.
Responsible Business
Guided by our ethical principles we advocate free and fair trade, striving for forthright competition and ethical conditions within the legal frameworks of Uzbekistan and other countries in which we operate.
Company Policies
Our Company Policies in Health and Safety, Environment, Privacy guide us in our commitment to sustainable grouth and development of our business. Our activities are based on the principles of Reliability, Control, Transparency and High Ethic Standarts.
Code of Ethics and Conduct
We are committed to the highest norms of business conduct. We act in a responsible way, based on our Code of Ethics and Conduct.

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